virgin post

Yes. It is true. Not only has this Minnesota Design Gal stepped into the world of WordPress but I am diving in and learning the basics and going to live it up in here!

I plan to practice my writing skills (or lack there of) through this process.

Show the world pictures, inspiration, poems, people and most of my orignal thoughts.

It is a time in my life, where again I feel like I’m jumping. Not jumping into a cave where it is cold, dark and smelly, but jumping into the world with your hands in the air yelling and smiling with two peace signs flashing at you.

I haven’t decided if my identity shall be nameless, or if it will be a full show of who I am. Really who is right?

I already messed up by buying my domain names on rather than through WordPress here, because can’t figure out how to change in my dashboard.

Hope this first post didn’t hurt too bad; like the first time you don’t know what exactly you’re doing, it hurts a little and frankly is a dat bit uncomfortable but you also know that this is just the beginning of something you hope that lasts forever, or at least until you get over him, first.

“The Virgin Post”

PS. Do I proof read these things, or go just with my heart like a diary? (Thanks for answering me out loud, when it is too late).