the developers

Today, had lunch with a table-full of my junior through senior developer co-workers.

The fact is, I have always known some HTML and how to read it and know where the source is coming from, or to add bold to it and know that all tags need to end with < >.

Working closely with my team of 8 developers for about 3 months has shown me that not only are they really “nerds”, but really really cool and smart people.

Late-night video games, not caring about twitter or what their facebook picture are up. Being pretty anti-social, not even ever hearing of AdWeek, Adfed or what MIMA is really makes me stop and think more about web development.

The fact that they can sit and look at millions of characters and make a designer’s design come true (most the time) is pretty sweet.

The best part is, I get who they are and the relationship I have with them will be everlasting. Let’s be real having those skills can only get you further, and excited to have the opportunity to work with these cats again soon, (literally they love cats).

A designer can only be as good as their developer, and that relationship is curial for a smashing collaboration and ground-breaking final product.

Thank you to League of Legends and yo-yo’s. You will be missed, but not yet forgotten.

your mn design gal