freelance clients


The word that every creative can throw around. It all started when I learned I can make a little extra cash on the side but then turned into something that develops and before you know it you are running your own company that goes back to the domain name you chose from in college.

The reason freelance clients are so important to me, is the value not only to get an extra $65-$70 a hour a few times a week but the fact that I have had a few of my freelance clients for years now.

Just left one that I’m going on my 3rd year. It is fairly simple, he owns a computer store and is always looking for new ideas and a bit of attention from his designer. He goes off of referrals and trades for other marketing and print favors but always comes back to me because they mess it up, and aren’t as good as me he says.

Recently I designed and produced new front window graphics for his business. Three years ago it was the bright neon color marker kind that was cheap and eye catching but maintaining just adds up! So today I dropped by to take a look at the newest imagery and give my client a little visit.

The main thing I learn from this particular client and many all they need is a bit of attention and to see that you really care about their business. Not only does this client pay my hourly but pays on time and weekly! He may be a bit higher maintenance then the average call or quick business card job for a friend, but he turns around and likes almost everything I do for him because I have REASON and thought behind it.

Today, I walked away with another job and idea he wants me to execute and I purely went to do my monthly random hello.

Running my own business one-day these are the clients you want. They pay on time, and your hourly rate, appreciate your skills and value your marketing ideas and purely because I truly care about how his business does and want HIM to make money too.

I’m learning along the way, but client services is key to any small, medium or large business.

Taking Pride In Client Services and Recognizing the Value in a GREAT client relationship.

Your MN Design Gal

PS. And guess how many referrals I have gotten from him?