the J-o-b

Every day you look there is a new agency, marketing, digital, interactive or SEO company that pops up.

If isn’t a new company, then it is a friend that is hiring, a past co-worker trying to recommend you for a job, a linkedin update of a job posting, a shout-out for designers on facebook… there is so much movement and I begin to catch myself always wondering if that other spot is better for me. When does this feeling ever end?

There is a point where you need to block every post, decline that email, ignore that your favorite company is looking for someone like you and  We could all be in a position where we think we may do better somewhere else or working side by another creative or getting the opportunity to work with that client is just what we need.

Now, I observe some of my friends who have the same design job for 4, 5, 6 + years (1 actually 11-years) and they really don’t complain much about it, but it seems to me that passion for their role HAS to be leaving them slowly. I get jealous of that feeling and being able to say that been with that firm for more than just 2 years.

Another perspective I think about it, with everyone tweeting, checking in at their job, posting their title and job updates on linkedin, who really cares? There comes a point when we work to work and where you work really doesn’t matter. I always find myself promoting my company and comparing to friends what they get to work on, processes and the perks of their current employer. Is it my level in my career?

In this advertising world, am I alone thinking that all these other postings come across me for a reason?

This MNDesignGal needs to step back and not update, post or tweet about what I’m doing at work in particular. As long as I am passionate about the field I’m in, learning and being able to take on things that I can succeed and challenge myself. I think I should be in the right place… for now.

To new beginnings!

Slightly annoyed with myself and a bit confused on my path today,

Your MN Design Gal