Client Services

Running around on this Sunday picking up cases of pop, water and snacks for a Monday client meeting, made me realize, “why am I doing this again?”

It wasn’t because my boss told me too. Or that I ever have met the clients coming in or have known them before or even referred them. I’m not presenting work to them or anything either.

The strangest thing it seems is that I seem to think outside of the corporate boring meeting box and know what that client wants and may want to see, and not just saying a drink but in projects too.

I learned the importance of client services while being at a company that did it very poorly. I truly believe we lost that particular client because we didn’t have a budget nor cared about the client’s sometimes superficial needs. When they come to town, giving them the cool factors of Minneapolis, having a few personalized items as a surprise or even just some cool “agency” free stuff to take back to their sometimes cold, cubed boring office spaces.

Today I picked up a few bags of Rock Candies. They look like rocks but really are chocolate! The client has Rock in their name and deals with the outdoors. I plan to print a sign with their logo for the front and to greet them with a smile.

What is my role? Designer. But it has to be something in me that makes me know I would be a damn good account person, client services, business development gal too.

Remember the little things when you have a meeting and if you aren’t good at it yourself, hire someone like me that does it “for fun” without even thinking.

Working on a Sunday… posted this on Monday,

Your MN Design Gal

The Candy Rocks!