Time. We all want it. If we have some of it we want more of it.

It seems to me, that at my age, no house to tend to, no lawn to mow, no children to have to play with, no husband to have to dress or in-laws to impress… thinking to myself being in my mid-twenties I would be overwelmed with time to use, kill and enjoy. Wrong.

What I find myself doing, is catching wind of all the things I need to do to market myself and never can get to it. Blogging, updating and well redesigning my own website, scrapbooking, going through old photos, categorizing my old design files, cleaning my closet, volunteering time to other organizations, backing-up my computer, playing with my cousins…

If I don’t have the time to get to it now then we will I?

Making time for important tasks like marketing yourself is something I struggle with. I’m a designer and I have had the same website since 2006.

I try to check something off my list every week to continue to increase knowledge of web, social and interactive design too.

Maybe I just wasted time putting this post together, but frankly this is something I struggle with.

Does the lack of time make me less creative?

Rainy Spring day in the city,

your mn design gal