Cheers a Peer [1]

@aeklund Andrew Eklund

Hot sunny spring day at Bulldog in NE today, with a peer that I heard spoke and was introduced to this fall at a MIMA break event. We have linkedin and often trade smart twitter comments to each other over the last months. This successful business owner shared a few new projects coming up with me and the fact that not only has he made a few hiring mistakes recently but it is hard to find great account talent. Being asked if I would ever consider being a AE, which I replied that I would make an outstanding AE in the right creative environment. I also shared the fact that it would be crucial to know the day-to-day operations of that particular account position, because my passion will always be in some sort of creative environment.

The conversation moved to how client services in general is very important and key in any successful business. I mentioned in a early blog post I did this month, it became certain that even successful business owners need strong AE’s because they can’t always think of those small things, and in result clients leave if not satisfied.

I went on to discuss with Andrew the importance of New Business and Sales from an employee perspective, how in the past I wasn’t set-up for success at past business’.

Over my BLT with hard bacon and not enough tomatoes, I begin to learn more about what Andrew’s business plan was and ask him about his branding overall for his company.

Not only do I admire a business owner that has the refreshing down to earth personality, but Andrew is someone that I can kick-back and have a few brews and we have a handful of people in common that we never knew.

After a bug appearing in his lemonade-soda with sweat dripping off his forehead and my chair starting to get sticky, we had to end our cheers a peer lunch.

Do you see the bug in Andrew’s drink?

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