job titles

What is your job title? What do you do? (is the first thing people see, ask and want to know)

Think about for a minute:

What is your best friend’s job title?

What is your boss’ job title?

What was your first job title?

What job title do you WANT to have?

This morning my mind is on this subject, because I still haven’t updated my linkedin with my “new job” and frankly don’t even have a job title on my signature I made my first week on the job. I would quickly put designer, (of course I’m MN design gal) but there again that isn’t all what I do. From project management to working on vendors to client services, production and photo retouching, hell I even take my own garbage out.

My last job title at an agency was a digital branding marketing specialist. What? I applied for it, and later changed my job title to designer and had my business card printed with that on it, but then when started applying again, I put the fancy one back on the resume.

FRWD has integrated managers, Carmichael Lynch has associates, there are AAE, AE, Olson likes the Brand Ambassadors, sociologists and strategists, Fame has made-up specialized Fabulous Creative, Periscope goes with classic Coordinator, Buyers and most recently Layout Designer etc.

If I was titled a Manager of Creative Service or Director of Creative Services am I branding myself not to a designer?

If someday I want to own my own agency or be part of one, then would that be ideal to showcase my handful of well-rounded creative skills and abilities? Or will Preston Kelly look at me strange when I apply for  design position or art director spot.

I’m quick to think that how you portray your work through linkedin, twitter , blogs and your resume matters most, but to get through that HR and frankly hand out your business cards and have people not look at you with a (–??–) it does matter.

Maybe I will go off the wall and call myself, “do it all gal” or “the doer” or “multi-hat design guru”.

Stay tuned I guess for mine?


Your MN Design Gal

PS. Feel free to comment and vote on this subject, yours may win!