Once again, I find myself at an agency with little to no process.

Now, I did see this one coming before signing on and I knew it would be a challenge along with project managing my own projects and potentially my CD’s and the entire department.

The thing is, I don’t understand how agencies or even business’ in general can operate without a simple one. Either it is out-dated, no one follows and frankly ever set one up, that person left along with the process at one time, or the boss doesn’t like it. Well people that means your creative department is not set-up for success.

What I find is a challenge to see how it works for a while and be able to start doing something as simple as a quick “kick-off meeting”. What happens is ideas, instructions, client feed-back and the overall goal of the project gets tossed around like the the game telephone, and before you know it your designer who has to execute has 75% of the information off or even wrong from the first conversation.

I’m not a huge “form” person to be honest. Excel is up right now and of course having some sort of online timeslips or PM tool is ideal, but for the small agencies I have encountered, they have a 10 year + outdated one or never have had the 5K to put into it. The fact is you will LOOSE clients and jobs because of simple errors, and the cost of effectively doing the job or corrections will be double or even tripled.

Next what you start to find is no one likes changes when it comes to their own work process. The way things have been (no calendar of meetings, post-it note meetings are OK) etc. Lets face it half of an agency is made up of creative folk who do not do good with process, numbers or organization skills.

I even have a hard time wrapping my mind around heavy process, so that is why I like simple kick-off meetings. Writing clearly what Round you are in on changes and having folders quickly labeled with dates and job #’s. This may seem simple but being around many different size agencies and levels of expertise it sure is lacking.

Having that one person that knows everything about the project can be helpful, but that person also has to know the client side, the design side (how to do it and how long it could take) and also have the common sense and personality to hold a meeting stand up for the client and stand up for the design.

Wow, that is me.

Now on to my challenge of the week, to put together my process for this creative department.

Stay regular!

Your MN design Gal