Cheers a Peer [2]

Dunn Brothers Coffee at 7:45 AM with @paulisakson who met last fall at a mentorship event courtesy of @adfedmn. We have stayed connected and I have followed his blogs and posts on his business adventures. The best part about Paul is he is someone you meet again and he is so genuine and you forget you don’t know him actually really that well after all.

Taking on his role at Colle+McVoy he shared some of the newest projects and answered my main question of “what do you on an average day”. Working as a team and overall what he does to better that creative brief really intrigued me.

Paul made me think about my duties now at my current job and told me to write a job description of what I think I want out of my “ideal job”. Have an on-going list and have others review and add to it along the way or book of life. Someday I will get there. He even suggests that a Strategic role may be what I’m made for because it touches all sides of the creative process.

It did make me think when I began to explain that I love solving problems. That is what a strategist does.

Heading to work after our coffee, (Paul’s was iced) I felt like I wasn’t a lone. It accrued to be that everyone has to try things and being on your own really makes you look from the outside in and finding that perfect place may never be there, OR you may not just know where that is yet.

Why would I scan a bended UR code on my coffee ring? Dunn Bros Coffee thinks you will.

Drinking a coffee a day,

Your MN design gal

2 thoughts on “Cheers a Peer [2]

  1. I love your blog, but could you do some spell check before hand? I’m noticing multiple grammatical and spelling errors that detract from your otherwise insightful writing.

    • MN design lady with an European number… Thank you for my first comment!
      I truly will take it to heart and work on my grammar and spelling.
      For real, that is a reason why I started this blog, to be able to work on the skills and to gather information I have need my head.
      Like a diary, I just go with my thoughts, but need to work on proof-reading.

      Thanks again,
      MN design gal

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