Nonprofits. Volunteers. Giving back.

Do you do it right now?

My thoughts today came after viewing an informational AIGA video that Lynda did on her experience going to an National event in NYC for this nonprofit.



What I find is there is many organizations that want to give back or are started purely to network or get more contacts in the industries. What is the main message in why they exist?

Some Local Minneapolis NonProfits:









Now, what puzzles me is if these are non-profits then why is there a fee and why are they traveling nationally to support, enter competitions and mingle at fancy hotels for a lot of money?

I have wondered this. Being a freelancer for a handful of years and bartending to just make rent, there is no way I could pay $300 or even $75 to be part of an organization. Even currently, my place of work does not see much value when surely networking with their brand and name just isn’t enough. What I found even when volunteering for nonprofits, you still have to pay the membership fees in most cases, there again setting the point of value. Where is the line of making money and establishing a nonprofit fund?

I’m learning more about it comes to being affiliated with larger organizations such as AAF, American Advertising Federation or AIGA they do have paid positions to run the organization.

Volunteering is a big deal and every’s time has to be accounted for in some way. When it comes to organizations isn’t giving back enough?

Venting a bit today on something that is close to my heart and on my mind right now.

Feeling a bit liberal today,

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