People Helping People

Reflecting on my notes and going through my National Conference business cards and pictures, I found that the experience really goes back to the People.

After sorting and adding almost 50 new contacts on LinkedIn and adding a select few on my limited #FB account, made me realize “I just am a person helping other persons”.

My peers have told me that not only do I strike up conversations with anyone from the elderly man in line at Target, to the girl in the corner at the networking event or the Creative Director from Wal-mart after his forum. The best part about meeting people is without knowing it they can inspire you. I met Judy lower right corner because I kept noticing updates through the hashsign #Admerica. I noticed her from afar reflecting her 5 x 5 pixel twitter image and introduced myself. After quick convo, I bought her a glass of Chardonnay and we ended up sitting next to each other at the club achievement stage and running into each other all week.

Upper right is Jane who was the winner of the Betty —- award in 2010, and after congratulating her on the balcony while she was putting out her cigarette we have stay connected and got to hug at this year’s national conference. Jane was so excited to see me and introduced me to her entire organization, as “this is that outstanding young gal from last year”.

Upper is Dan and Conor my fellow Ad Fed MN executive board, these guys not only are very down to earth but I appreciate their honesty and forward thinking for the organization and they will forever be friends.

Middle are fellow Ad2 National colleagues that not only are from Madison, Orlando to San Diego and Austin but are the future of VP’s and Creative Directors establishing relationships with them is truly entertaining and worth the trip itself.

Lower is Brian Lee from Past Ad2 President Madison and Lindsey — National Ad2 President and Past President Madison, Gary Past Ad2 President San Diego, not only was Brian Lee and Lindsey Ostrowski part of my district but our friendship grew only the few short days at nationals. Gary Ware owns and will be someone who I will always watch for in the industry, and someone I will call on for a really good time in San Diego in the future.


Now, I don’t just meet people to add them on LinkedIn or to up my numbers on Facebook. I feel that organizing your contacts and having follow-up to meeting them is very important.

Group of us before lunch, all past or current Presidents of our National Ad2 Clubs.
(Names can be listed via National Ad2 Group)





It also surprises me that people don’t network and are not out to make new friendships. Below are two of my newest gal pals whom we met from random occasions and not through any group was associated with over the week. It looks like we have been friends forever and not have met a few days before.

I find myself talking to people to help find jobs, get freelance work, grabbing an internship, finding the newest restaurant or hot-spot, where to meet single…wait. well and more…

Not sure if this is just who I am and my personality or the fact I need to be doing something more such as business development, recruiting or purely culture at an agency or company.


The best part is this comes naturally, because frankly we are all People Helping People right?

MN Design Gal