Party Planner

Why do I find myself becoming the hostess at friend’s parties, wanting to make invitations for simple Happy Hours with friends, filling up people’s drinks at family events, decorating for nontraditional parties and loving every minute of it?

Sunday, was my boyfriend’s niece’s baptism and getting there early I ended up volunteering to decorate the entire backyard with hot pink balloons hanging from backyard trees over the table, confetti on the table and making sure everyone had a seat for the afternoon.

Just sent out unnecessary simple designed invites to my Ad2 crew (nonprofit Advertising group) summer kick-off event for our board hosted at my apartment’s clubhouse pool.

I have an invite for every birthday up to last year for my friends, cute cocktail napkins in my kitchen drawer, fancy straws for last-minute cocktail guests and my backup china is washed and ready to serve.

Planning events for the last years, made me realize how much I enjoy the thinking and strategy of planning and making sure everyone is having a great time!

Now, you may not be invited to the party as my blog reader but my simple invite is here.

Gosh, this makes me think I would be a damn good planner and developer of culture of some sort doesn’t it?

There again, my mother keeps telling me that we will hire a wedding planner for my wedding someday… it is true, the stress of your own event may be different, but for now I will continue to have fun with my little parties and family events I contribute to.

Your Party Planner