Cheers a Peers

The big O. #OCO. The big red kickball. Brickman. Know what agency yet?

Today had lunch @ Joe’s Garage with the brand manager from Olson. We have known each other for about 3 years, I had coffee with Christina back when it was her first year at Olson with 104 people, now they are over 400+.

I have watched not only how Olson has grown, like many other creative folk in Minneapolis, but also watched what Christina has done to promote and be that rock-star brand manager. I notice her posts, her unmonitored and uncensored Facebook profile along with twitter feed and always wonder what her job is really day to day and whatever she is doing I would be excellent at it!

She went on to tell me she plans and facilitates all internal company events along with their weekly Monday morning meetings and Friday afternoon BBQ’s. Selecting divisions and teams in the company to “serve” at the company’s Friday lunches and have them plan and execute the afternoon entertainment she said is fun and challenging. Along with events are brand engagements around the community where Christina said herself is stepping back from the stoplight a bit because of being in front so much.

She also maintains and provides content for all social areas for Olson. Including her proclaimed “who wore it best” that she says she tries to post something everyday and frankly just has #FB at her computer up to monitor and doesn’t set-up any feeds to monitor.

What I really admire about Christina is her honesty and forward thinking.

Being involved in the ad community is crucial and yet now that she works at this high-profile agency it seems people can swarm because of jobs, advise or contacts.

I related to her throughout the entire lunch, and we compared notes on planning events and not having the chance to sometimes enjoy them, or the anxiety of the night before having that check-list or forgetting simple things.

Now, I wasn’t approaching Christina for a job, nor getting advise how-to nail a job at the big O. It purely was to catch-up and talk about having a potential Ad2 event this Spring at Olson’s new space. Word is as of now Olson moves in Feb 1, Ad2 event in April.

I also had to kill my curiosity and see if she would vent about some of the bad (which wouldn’t blog about) but she had nothing to say to complain or stress about which inspired me even more to become that brand manager for a place that I am already passion about.

The fact I see is everyone is there own brand manager or ambassador of their company but to do it right you need someone full-time thinking of everything from what to do for the next Friday Rewind or who will speak at the Holiday Party, what awards to submit to, or how to stay active in the community and have the employees enjoy where they work and take pride-in their jobs.

I added a few things to my on-going job description that I started a few months ago.

Now, even though I would love to say Olson should hire me as an event planner / Assistant Brand Manger, my strengths would be knowing many different faces in the environment having worked with developers, for account managers and with creative directors and lots of different levels of creatives (and frankly being one) I know how to approach and what they want and how they work. Not only would I be organized and show the community that O is not a cult nor a place where only the cool and over-worked people work but how down-to-earth the CEO, CFO and management is and that is what makes them different. Of course, you know I would bring to the table ideas such as “Mom’s Sac-lunch with a beer Tuesdays” “Hump Day Hiccups” “AD with ADD breaks” and more.

Cheers to rekindling a friendship with Christina and inspiring me to keep working at my career goals and admire fellow agencies and talented women.

Hump Day with a purpose,

your MN brand gal