Ad2 Pool Meeting

Beach balls, inter-tubes, floaties and 90’s music at the clubhouse poolside last night.

Putting together a summer Ad2 meeting was one of my goal’s as President, where the new board could interact and get introduced and most of all have some great brain-storming and get fired-up for the 2011-12 year!

It was extremely successful because all board members attended and the spirits were high! Incorporating Public Service in the community was something the organization never really has done before. The main point is there is a group of very talented creative people and they should be doing some good in the community and spreading the love. The Brand Lab was the discussion for Ad2 stepping-in and helping overall with content, web, project management and more because the co-chairs had volunteered with this program and know there is a need. Also the idea of different nonprofits being focused at Ad Fed Luncheons & Breakfasts. Creating awareness because we can.

The coolest part about Ad2 is it really is full of young passionate adults that are early on their career and want to learn and give back as much as they can. Pretty powerful.

For ice breakers, I even asked everyone to tell where they work what they do and “what they want to be when they grow-up” surprisingly 9 out of 10 said something different than what they were doing now. Yes, including myself.

Congratulating the Student Advertising Summit for their 1st Place National Education award that they won from last April’s national club achievement submission. They discussed their process of getting interns and strong volunteers and explained to board members that had not attended this out-standing educational event that is usually held in February on the U of M campus.

Programs for Ad2 this year will be focused on ad agency tours and also new events such as an ugly sweater pubcrawl and making the tasting event usually held in February little bit more formal and blown out. Programs will also be constructing an outline for agencies to review what Ad2 is and what a happy hour touring event should consistent of, making it easier to pitch and have volunteers proposal to them. We also discussed past rocking agency events and other ones that mistakenly talked about themselves which usually isn’t such a crowd-pleaser.

Adding a Community/Membership Board member and a Project Manager Board member really makes the Ad2 stronger because the volunteers themselves are motivated, full of ideas and are trustworthy talented peers.

As 2nd consecutive year President, I couldn’t help but look around the room for the strong team players to help keep this small organization going. Sometimes knowing the friends around you and giving them the chance to be a leader really showcases who they are and what kind of qualities they have to help strengthen a team.

Learning from the past and really paving the way on your own is something that non-profits need to look for in leaders. Not only is it a challenge to keep a positive, fun attitude but to be able to lead a team in a way that is constructive while giving advice and being a friend and also giving constructive criticism.

Overall between the beers, cupcakes and pizza we all left after 10pm full of ideas and ready to rock-out the 2011-12 year! It is only a start but a great pool diving one!

Stay tuned >>>

Your Young Professionals American Advertising Federation President