Cheers A Peer

A fellow Ad Fed board member and the current Programs director Steve Wallace and I got together for a candid quick get-together yesterday. Not only does Steve has the personality, drive and humor to become a new found mentor of mine, but his business smarts and strategy are remarkable.

JWT  has had some buzz lately in our MSP market, mostly from their rumor of firing entire creative department and starting fresh. Now having about 5 friends of mine working there, I can see why. The red door to lead you through a hotel makes you really wonder but inside just talking and learning more, you can feel that got something great going on.

Between what I am doing now and what I want to be doing with my career, Steve made me realize that it all leads to a little something called “business development”. Now I have been told this before that not only do I have the energy, smarts, creative background, drive and frankly knowledge of the network to push new business but I would ROCK at it.

Learning really what JWT does and the history there and how Steve reacts really inspried me.

My mini-tour and meeting that was suppose to be about what date should Ad Fed breakfasts and lunches fall on so they don’t overlap with Ad2 Happy Hour events, turned into something way more.

Pleasure getting to know The Steve Wallace and seeing the International Advertising Agency JWT.

Shaking hands and kissing babies,

Your BIZ DEV Gal

To Be Continued…

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