Wheel of Concepts

http://wheelofconcept.com/ came across my path this morning, and I can’t stop playing with it. Observing this outrageous creation that pulls straight from the web your brand name you type in and customizes a already downloadable PDF for you.

Taking of course the very familiar Wheel of Fortune lock-up and pushing it to something any creative can relate to.

The MN Design Gal Brand, which was a picture pulled from this blog as the image and published this PDF within in seconds to download.

Makes me think, who produced this? And what is their goal of this? Experiment for production? A fun company game that has blown-up! Or potentially a future app or resource that has leaked!

When clicking on the lower left on homepage of the Wheel, “Got Better Ideas” it leads you to http://tribalddb.com/ which seems to be a full world-wide agency. There is our answer. Overall rate this entertaining a solid 4/5. It is already bookmarked on my toolbar, but lets see if I forget about it by tomorrow…


Thanks for the entertainment,

MN Design Gal