that Million-Dollar idea

Today, I was the spokesperson for a YouTube video showcasing Write On Riot Halloween Tees.

I will _______ for candy. Halloween isn’t scary _____ is scary. Are just some of these outstanding t-shirt sayings. The idea is to have fun and personalize your t-shirt as weird, funny or scary as you want! Rob Dalton came up the idea and has produced T-shirts to sell online and in specialty stores locally in Minneapolis. Not only can your mind wander but left blank can only bring laughs. Parties, gifts or simply your Halloween costume this is a great idea.

So how does one make it become that Million-Dollar idea?

Rob said his basement is full of this black and orange t-shirts, and he keeps up with orders just breaking even. To order more and keep the cost down, he would have to make a 10,000+ order of his Halloween tees probably outsourced from somewhere in China. The price sold in store and online for each tee is between $15-$20.

Taking the videos online going onto YouTube & into social media to make sure everyone “gets” the concept is crucial for this t-shirt line to succeed.

Rob also has moved into the Billion-Dollar industry of Weddings. Producing special invites and themed cards to be part of a reception table or the groom’s dinner. It is explained to be something to do and also a way to engage your guests and a one-of-a-kind keepsake for the bride and groom.

Stay tuned for more to come from this Write On Riot site. Rob not only is talented and full of super Marketing ideas, but he is a famous Minneapolis local that will never stop thinking for us creatives to enjoy and participate in.

Find out more about Rob at

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Order Yourself a Halloween T-shirt or two

108 days, 9 hours until Halloween.

your mn design gal  that will put her fist in my mouth for candy.