5-day Dress Search

Two weddings on my calendar for a year now, and I wait until 5 days before heading out-of-town to start the search? Started the summer by marking my favorites in my head to then go back and make the big purchase. #Fail Now I’m stuck with left-overs, size Larges (boo hoo me yeah I know) and nothing but ruffle messes, too short for grandma, cheapness.

What started as a fun thing is now just a pain.

My mood board showcases my overall look and concept for this much-needed dress:

Bright. Simple. [Blues looks fab on me.] Modern. Party. Short but not too short. No ruffles please or bows. Fun.

Where I been?

• MOA [yes the largest mall in America]

• Zappos [hard to see and make quick decisions]

• Shops at Westend

Next up:

• St Paul [Primp] problem: location, traffic after work

• Downtown Edina problem: they close at 5pm (for the not working mothers and weekenders only?)

• Uptown?

BUDGET: $60 per dress

I did mention 2 weddings, but they are both overlapping with college friends, so could not wear the same dress. So that still leaves my budget as is, no combining.

Wish me luck. Stay tuned for results.

your mn design gal. who did try on a one-piece pant suit.