DL Summer Wedding

Detroit Lakes, MN was the destination of a college friend and former roommate’s wedding day. It gave my date and I the opportunity to explore DL a bit.
What we found is this tourist city lacked. Attractions and places to dine and cocktail. Using four square to navigate fun restaurants and bars we would find that either they were closed or out of business or were “sketchy”. The Zorba’s hot spot was for a night life place, heading there at noon a seeing bikers, families and singles all drinking made me think this really is people on vaca.20110724-032911.jpg
We ended up at the Holiday Inn’s restaurant where had a basic tiki bar were the salad was mediocre but the view made up for it.
Played a round of mini-golf that had advertised waterfalls and looked great off the high-way to become pretty basic put-put with clearly some heavy remodeling needed.
The wedding didn’t start until 5pm, which was a refreshing change for there wasn’t any lingering time in-between to lead to dinner and reception.
The buffet was a huge hit by most with views of plants overflowing and clearly 3 rounds per plate. What I noticed was that the speeches focused on how the maid of honor and best men knew the couple completed w some embarrassing moments and laughs. What I didn’t see was either the bride or groom thanking one another or bringing up why they feel in love (their perspective). That is always my favorite part! It makes you think about weddings and how much they are focused on the dress, food, booze and the dance.
The bride and good friend of mine was beaming all night and that is when you know that being there for your friends really was worth the trip!20110724-032922.jpg
Ending the weekend back in Brandon where Steve and I enjoyed the sun, rays and the boat.
This is what summer is about, friends, family, lakes and love.

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