Sunny Poolside Ad2 Meeting

The sun showed up this time for the monthly Ad2 board meeting!

Ad2 held their 2nd meeting of the 2011-12 season poolside and had a full house with even a few new guests! Along with cold coronas was all board members besides one to discuss finalizing planning for the year. Student Ad Summit has their date March 2, 2012 booked and first meeting next week. They were looking for some strong creatives for web and print. SAS volunteers from last year also had a great time at the celebration Happy Hour last week where Sarah and Andrea presented the 1st place National award to their past director… needless to say the director thought she was already getting it, but it was a great time to cheers on a job well done. Picture included the just some of the TEAM that won.

At the Ad2 pool-side meeting, Public Service seemed excited after their meeting with the Brand Lab and had the rules for participating in the National Competition to verify that in fact for sure Brand Lab is a non-profit. Also the plan to establish a bit of a “campaign” that could get us through April when submissions for the PS are. Frankly we all agreed that our hearts and passion would be with this rocking organization and we will help however we can!

Programs is getting finalized with every 4th Thursday but a few because of Holidays. Also having a special events team to run the December event, Tasting and Pub Crawl which seem to be most work and need of many legs. This being Libby’s second year as Programs Director she too is looking for some strong volunteers to step-in.

We welcomed Trina, Anita and Bree that came to participate not being on the official board. Ad2 is always welcoming volunteers that would like to be part of the team to our meetings!

This being my 2nd consecutive year as President, what I learned is that people need structure and monthly meetings give you that. It also makes them take that next 3 weeks to get something accomplished to share at the next meeting, including having their own committeemen meetings.

I guess it is something you learn along the way to be a valuable influential president. Really I had to question myself, who teaches you to be a great Pres?

Sometimes you get to learn from ones in the past, what to do and frankly what not to do. This year, I am focusing on making it structured and overall better for my volunteers. I struggled last year leading just a team of two board members and transitioning from being Programs Director 3 years and having new ideas, acting on them, getting volunteers and the new public service adventure to start and accomplish locally then nationally.

Side-note, I have my eyes on those all-stars to follow-suit being Ad2 President next year, because this girl can’t be a President 3 years in a row!

Just trying to make the world a better place one volunteer at a time…

your mn design gal