Friends Forever (but I’m not Pregnant)

8th Grade Junior High Friday night dance and I meet one of my best-est friends Michelle, the soccer playing, track runner Catholic School girl who every boy wanted to date.

Fast forward to over-dressed Freshman Year Homecoming, Saturday nights at the 15+ Jungle club, bonfires and boys. Then Junior year Prom and Senior year laughs while dodging drinking minor hiding in cornfields in Medford.

Now almost 13 years later we are still best of friends and after her beautiful wedding almost 3 years ago, my many stories of city-single-life, job interviews and travels… Michelle is expecting her first child in a month!

The strangest thing is not that she is having a baby, or that I am far from sharing this experience with my current boyfriend, but that it feels just right for her. Many times in life we are always trying to stay in the same life path as your closest friends, one buys a new car you’re looking for one. They build a house and now you’re a homeowner or the engagement party is on and your dropping hints to your current beau. Frankly, there has always been a part of me that saw Michelle, me and Ashley (the other Fab3 best friend member) all being pregnant at the same time and sharing moments of laughs with our kids. But, now they are both married and with child and I’m not even ring shopping clearly a few steps behind them.

I have come to the realization that I not only am so happy for Michelle but everything happens for a reason and in time. If I would be married and prego right now, clearly it would be with the wrong guy and/or an “oops”.

Not saying I won’t have a house, a husband or a baby growing inside of me (scary actually saying that), but the timing is just still up in the air when I will have those moments!

Friendships come and go but the real ones stay forever and this one surely has and will.

Can’t wait to meet the mystery baby in about a month, and happy my friends are having babies, so their kids can babysit mine someday!

not pregnant or married mn gal