A ^Censored look into a [Girl’s Bachelorette Party]

One big inflatable Willy. A Funny-Shaped pink cake. Cookies shaped as bras & underwear. Kiss the man’s _____ games…

Just the beginning of a weekend full of girl-only activities for the bride-to-be. I headed up north to experience this event where woman can show-off their hidden naughty-side, bash the guy’s habits, eat lots and drink more than usual all with wearing matching ringed T-shirts.

The bachelorette market is growing, every gal seems to have to go on the town, spend money on prizes and is always trying to find the newest penis shaped toy or game.

The best part about these get-to-gethers is it is prepping yourself for the wedding. Girls give pretty things for the bedroom, dozens of pairs of new underwear, thongs and strings and also gives you a chance to meet the bridal party and others attending the wedding. The bride is usually pretty calm at this time and will vent about her mom and usually soon-to-be Mother-in-law.

This Bride-to-Be didn’t have any sign of the mother-in-law, sister in law or unwanted cousins which probably made the weekend even more remarkable.

It really was a great time and full of laughs all lake-side in Bemidji MN.

What is the best gift to bring or what does a MN design gal bring?

For the panty-game edible underwear… because noone ever buys themselves and frankly someone will only try them once.

I like to then give something that reflects the bride. Abby is a school teacher so a book on the “Man’s friend Pokey” seemed appropriate. The end page shows the Groom’s face on his body… You get it what the Pokey is…

Now, this is my 7th Bachelorette party I think… and the best part is someday I hope these gals are there for me too. Friends are forever and the best ones come and party with you.

Who’s hungry for a Fast Frank, soft, warm and fast!?