Cheers a Peer

Today’s lunch was unexpectedly at the coolest lunch spot in Minneapolis,

Fresh organic meat, fun modern atmosphere with homemade quac. Rob and I got to sit down a bit and talk about Marketing and what I got to pick his brain about owning his own agency and doing things on his own. The best thing about Rob is that is he is real and full of ideas always. We brain-stormed a bit about where is the best place to position his Tee’s and also that personal games are the newest and hot thing for bridal parties and showers.

The main thing about ideas is you have to act on them and keep making them “new” and “innovative”. I will always remember in High School working at a Real Estate office (15-18 years old), the beauty about real estate is everyone follows one another in marketing and tries to stand-out. The main thing is who can do it first.

Rob has been filming me promote and show the steps of his invitation and personal write-on-riot wedding card and it has been a joy getting to know him more.

Too many people have great ideas and don’t act on them. What idea are you NOT acting on? You should produce on one idea this year. Make it happen. Sell it. Promote it. You will enjoy it. It will pay off (we all hope).

Thinking like a marketer today.

your mn design gal