Professor of Social Media, Ms. T. Severson

Today I am approached by my President to do an impromptu lesson on “the Facebook and Tweeter”.

In May, I started social media for my advertising agency that had absolutely nothing in the social world. I started a Facebook Page and opened a Twitter account with handle @CreativeMN. The main reason was to get them in the crowd, and not have them loose out because they weren’t playing nicely with others.

When I was interviewing, it was very clear that Facebook and Twitter was NOT part of the company’s identity but not a focus to learn or every have part of their branding or even their client’s. One of the owners even kept telling me that facebook was a waste of time and bad. Yeah… bad if you don’t know it and waste of HIS time.

Now, having someone like me on staff really makes it simple for social media implementing because it comes naturally and it is easy to update, watch for trends, monitor and make conversation. Starting #FB & Twitter on the down-low made it easy to approach my President and owners with 20+ followers and 40 twitter followers including a client. Going beyond the job description is easy for me and really it can become more work at times but also it is something I enjoy and frankly am pretty good at. I did take a chance, but quickly knew could delete the accounts if didn’t go over well. 😉

Today’s afternoon meeting went well with many blank faces starring at me, but the person that has grasped it the most is our Account Executive / Sales guy who is in his early 50’s and has been making conversations, liking and messaging with client contacts. It is another outlet for him to be in front of people and also become that “friend” very easily without strapping on the salesman tie and knocking too many doors.

My developer who is also the IT and photographer in his 40’s is a big Mac user and was pumped to know he could follow Mac on twitter and be the first to know on new updates and tech-savy things.

One thing I did say today is that I’m not an “expert” on facebook because it is the hardest to be with ever always changing formats, settings with little or no notice. But the fact is I can teach my co-workers enough that they can dive-in and appreciate the settings and connecting part and also learn on their own.

The biggest thing I stressed today was not to think they have to become an expert or even a daily user but that they should be AWARE of it. If someone asks they can say we have a facebook page or that our company tweets. The worst thing to do is nothing!

Showing a little bit of our culture makes me feel a bit better on my agency, and observing and measuring change and progress within social media will hopefully lead to new business which is my ultimate goal.

So if my co-workers are reading this, don’t get me wrong I am NOT making fun of where my company is at, for some of the best digital agencies don’t have recent #FB posts or haven’t tweeted since January with 30 followers and they call themselves “social gurus”. We have a strong start and happy to report that we are on our way!

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