I could do that… right?

Who is this gal and what makes her so twitter special?



“Strategy” is thrown around like we would all say cute at a baby shower.

What I don’t understand is how she got to do this as her career. I think I could do that. Right?

On Sarah’s Website:

  • New Media and Communications Training >> I am training right now how-to facebook
  • Online Identity Creation >> I have done my own and now in process agencies,  have clients done. check (and love doing it)
  • New Media Strategy Development >> Everyone needs some sort of new media to spice it up, I recommend it all the time, Strategy check.
  • Online contests and promotions >> Have maintained for clients as small as promotional points to as big as a ipad
  • Social Media Audits >> I do them daily, really am good at it actually. (toot-toot)
  • Online Newsroom Development >> Get a blog or “newsroom” connect to your website and your on it.
  • Content Creation >> Do this daily and without thinking… see right now got tomorrow’s content
  • Online Monitoring >> Hoot-suite, deck me.
  • Media Relations >> Media is my best friend, I sneak into their events all the time and pretend I went to school for PR sometimes
  • Online Audience Identification >> I know that software, radiance fan anyone?
  • Online Crisis Preparedness >> Monitor and act quickly… free stuff helps the consumer’s soul.
  • Keynote Speaker and Panelists >> Done both. 400+ people made me sweat but I liked it. Panelists many times.
  • Spokesperson >> For Ad2, designers, people finding jobs, young talent and independent gals in the city? Sure I guess I am one. 

I sometimes start to daydream about becoming the next iJustine (pictured below) that I am myself by making personal youvideos, interviewing people and possibly famous people, attending the hottest events, trade-shows and conferences and become a PR, socialite, consultant.

Now, it all seems all fun until the parties start to get in the way of your 6pm family dinners and you have to drop the baby off at daycare at 7am to make your 8:15 across town meeting, or you can’t drink more than 1 glass of wine over 4 hours because your breast feeding and have to pump. I did notice that Sarah’s last speaking event was in 2010. Has she lost her touch or did her priorities just change?

Or were these gals just in the market at just the right time to be pushed big and gain the followers. Have I lost my opportunity to shine?

Stay tuned I guess to find out…