Welcome to my Home

When you walk into a business what do you expect to see? How do you want to feel?

This is very objective question, but the truth is people love to see “really cool working environments” along with feel welcomed.

Bright colors, tall ceilings, large one of kind art, possibly a waterfall with hip music playing come to mind?

Advertising agencies have to push the envelope even more now. When clients come they want to see where all the creative happens and need to feel appreciated and once again that “cool” factor needs to be incorporated.

Many agencies around Minneapolis do it right and even the simplest first impressions stick out.

Fame, the bright, clean white with burnt orange accents make my heart melt every time I enter it. The unused staircase goes up to Martin Williams, but gives an impression of openness that I love.

KNOCK, an agency positioned outside of downtown does a great job making their smaller simple space get that “cool factor”. Not only with the awesome wood accents and large patio, they keep people guessing by having murals that change during the season like the summer one pictured.

What else do agencies do for their clients when they arrive? Usually have an attractive blonde greeting–wait a minute–there is a flash digital signage with their names or company, a few personalized water bottles on the table, pint of draft beer from their keg, some swag including a recyclable bag or jump-drive and then some fresh-baked cookies.

Currently, I sit at the “welcome” desk at my agency–wait a blonde greeter– I actually choose to position myself as the first person people see when come around the corner. You know me, a smile and always a genuine greeting comes naturally to me. Today, I even created a simple welcome sign that will be in-front on a metal easel for client meetings.

Now, you may giggle a bit, but this is another big step. My second week on the job making a run to Costco to purchase sodas and bottled water to have on-hand along with snacks for afternoon client meetings was a priority. What can you offer your client, tap water?

Also, after months of deliberation, the vinyl cut-out of the agency’s name was able to be put up last week. For this task, I gave a printer the opportunity to step-in to help and they quickly processed my Ai file for free as an act of potential good business. My mock-ups for large signage and a new awning are also in the works as well. Yes a work in progress.

Now, I have only brushed the surface on this topic, parking, accessibility to the location, restrooms facilities (you would be surprised) are more details we will have to touch on later.

Thinking about your working environment for your employees along with that first impression for potential and current clients is something every business needs to invest-in and stop and think about today.

your client services + interior designer gal

PS. Who else is interested to see what OLSON does with the Ford Center top floors? Me!