Marilyn’s Haircut

Found this picture of Marilyn Monroe and really made me stop for a second. I haven’t been a huge advocate for her or even think of her as an idol, but the fact this image made me reflect a minute on my life. The plans I made when I was 15 to marry by 24 and be a creative director at the age 28 with 2 kids? Can I get a #LOL please.

Marilyn married three times and divorced three times and died at the age of 36, her acting career of course really stands out in her life along with her beauty and Wikipedia highlights it for us.

What will your Wikipedia say about your life now?
How about after your gone?

This post turned a bit depressing for a second, but really isn’t suppose to be! Reflect a minute today on your life and how you are portrayed to others. How different your expectations for your life were 5, 10 or even 20 years ago.

The real reason I also pulled this picture down for the web and saved it, was for her haircut. I wouldn’t do that now, but maybe when I am a mom and I think I better re-predict my life a bit since right now I am currently not married, no children and have no deserve to become a creative director anymore. #what?!

Stay tuned for this gal’s life is just beginning.

Happy Friday and stay beautiful,
mn design gal