The Twitter Bug

TWEETDo you tweet? I’m guessing if you are reading my blog you do. If not. You have heard of it at the very least. Look at the right side of my blog >>>> my feed is there for your enjoyment.

I started Twitter purely to stay connected with people and stay on top of trends for I was working outside of the metro area at the time. What I later found out it was not only a great resource to gather information quickly but sometimes I was the first to “see” or “hear” something happening. I then starting seeing job postings and also used it as a source to see advertising pitches in process and of course the hippest events. Social media has improved Ad2 as a whole purely from the stand-point of asking “how did you hear about this event” oh someone RT on twitter or I saw your post. #awesome

Why do I tweet and will I be that lady that tweets when she is 80? Probably not, but it is a pretty cool thing to be involved with now. Just think my daughter will be able to see this live journal of my life not only through my blog but through the thoughts and tweets I have posted in my mid-twenties.

It is also part of my job. Not only do I get questions daily on it but if I am not in the know, I will only be hindering myself. For social equals success. #imadethatup

It is scary to think that one tweet will never really go away… (I have deleted a few quickly but still someone may have seen it) also remember one should never tweet something that they couldn’t see on the big screen at a Twins game or have their boyfriend read in bed while on his iPad. #akissonthecheeknotthelips

I have learned now, that my co-workers follow me and also our clients enjoy my tweets. I tweet for my current agency @CreativeMN, (which I have to say it a pretty sweet handle that I created and carries it’s own weight) and also a few other local owned companies.

If you don’t have the Twitter Bug don’t sweat it, but I encourage you absorb the bug a little and download Tweetie which is my go-to online application. Keep it open and it will indicate a new mention with a red icon and you don’t have to be distracted by sounds or pop-ups. I also do use Hootsuite for massive tweeting through multiple outlets and social media accounts. I am always trying new ones and also appreciate learning what others use.

Don’t get your flu shot quite yet, this twitter bug may be fun to catch!

Tweet Me. Follow Me. Just don’t stalk me please.