My birth

No this post is not about how I remember being born or any graphic details from my mother telling me how she was in labor for 48 hours.

Thinking in a carwash.

It is to reflect for a second on my birthday that is coming up this weekend. It seems that the last few years I just haven’t cared. Have I slipped into the “before my 30’s just trying to pretend I’m 22 again phase?”

To be honest, I really don’t care what I do and how to celebrate because it always seems I am looking out for what others want to do. I can’t even decide where to eat Saturday night and that is so unlike me!

The fact is, I feel when you get past your 21…23…25th birthdays your friend priorities change. They have kids and can’t find sitters. Your co-workers don’t acknowledge its your birthday nor do they care. Mom still thinks your turning 16 and wants to make sure you have a cake, present and a cake (God Bless Mom). The boyfriend is still too new to throw you a surprise party, and planning a trip would be awkward because he doesn’t want to plan somewhere you have been with an ex. Your best friends seem to have plans already kind of forgetting, but simply blamming it on the person they are dating. Now what do I do?

Stay tuned for my exciting birthday follow-up! (Hear the excitement in my voice) To be honest I may be trying to live-it-up last-minute and I may just pretend it is my 22nd Birthday all over again. Watch out.

What do I wish for? #worldpeace

Birthday gal on Sunday