What do you wear to work?

I work in a very mixed-culture environment. Half the office wears suits and ties and the other jeans and t-shirts. It is very typical for creative agencies to be this way. Right now my main client is in North Carolina so never see them. I find myself behind my desk almost the entire day! When I know I have an after-hours event or even a fancy network lunch, I dress up more.

Lauren Conrad had an outstanding post on what to wear. I usually wouldn’t repost someone’s unless it made sense and in this case the former OC gal does it for me:

What type am I?

Mix between Lauren’s Go-Getter and Tom-Boy!

Here is a quick pic of my look today.
Bright color (it feels like summer out)

Stone washed skinny jeans

Tom Shoes (yes each pair is given to a child)

Glasses almost every day

Watch is a must

Squared gold hoops


Just being myself,
Your MN Design Gal