The Feeling is written on the Walls

The solution to your feelings may be in the color of your walls!

You’re Feeling: Uninspired —
You are an artistic person, but suddenly you can’t think of anything to draw or paint or write about. You stare at the blank word document or canvas, you’re totally lacking inspiration and don’t know how to get your creative juices flowing again.

A quick pic of my office at home taken back in May. Orange is on the main wall for creative inspiration.

Color Solution: Orange (high-wavelength) — Orange hues strengthen concentration while also boosting creativity. The bold color actually stimulates your adrenaline, but go for a warmer burnt orange to avoid the distraction that can come with shocking, bright colors. Try painting an accent wall across from your desk to keep you excited without overpowering your office.
Few more color solutions for you!

You’re Feeling: Anxious —
You’re worried about losing your job in this bad economy and you’re fretting about the impressions you’re making on your new coworkers. You are so swamped with paperwork, that you think you’ll never catch up. You feel too anxious to even focus, which only makes things worse.
Color Solution: Blue (low wavelength) — The color blue is associated with clear thoughts, focus and relaxation. If you are stressing out about work, add blue accessories to your desk like a dark blue vase, a cheerful blue coffee mug or a soothing blue painting of the ocean. You’ll become emotionally calmer, and the blue accents will actually help reduce your heart rate and blood pressure.

Blue is actually the color of my bedroom!

You’re Feeling: Depressed —
The office life has got you down. You miss your friends, your family and even videos of adorable puppies won’t provide the perfect pick-me-up anymore.
Color Solution: Yellow (high-wavelength) — A nice muted canary yellow will provide the perfect cheerful tone to help you fight the office blues. The color symbolizes the bright, happy effects of sunshine and will have you thinking positively in no time. Hang curtains or paint your walls a subtle yellow, and avoid the more irritating eye-popping shades.

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Look forward to being in my blue bedroom tonight and I will keep being inspired within my orange office.

Happy coloring,
your mn design gal