The Birthday Weekend

As you probably predicted I did end up having a wonderful Birthday last weekend!
Friday I ended up posting a link to Barney’s Birthday Bash that was at the Target Center. Barney & Friends Birthday BashMy friends were confused and laughed online and Trina my sister was very excited, Barney being her favorite since she was three! Needless to say we did NOT really attend the show but it was my way of making fun of the question everyone seems to ask one near their birthday,
“So what are you doing for your Birthday?!”
The Answer to that Question told with Pictures below:

Dinner Friday with some special Family at Rosa Mexicano, not yet opened and was a bit $$$ but for sure yummy! Pictured: Steve, Trina, Mom & Dad

Saturday morning, YES! I DID pick that one!

Sun Country Pumpkin Patch near Stillwater, MN

Downtown Stillwater, walked the shops, lovely lunch and stepped into a wine shop & enjoyed the blue sky!

The main Winery in the afternoon and that wasn't on the St Croix but was called the St Croix Vineyards

St Croix Winery tasting cheers to my birth!

Silly with Sissy @MNFutureAdGal at the winery and apple trees

Winery afternoon Steve and Tricia

Birthday girl and representing PINK along-side Breast Cancer Awareness Month!

Friends being Silly at Pinstripes in Edina. after an outside dinner + drinks. Heart them!

A little bit older and wiser.
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