Cheers A Peer

A sunny fall day and I finally get to have lunch with the one and only Garrio. Some may know him as the man drinking out of the white coffee cup all over social media or the President of doublethink.

Garrio not only has been someone whom I have been over-lapping with through networking events for a year or so now, but he now is part of the board with Ad Fed as the membership director.

What I didn’t know about him is that he has a design background like myself and really does have a lot of things moving right now as a business owner and volunteer and that intrigued me. He shared some of his great ideas on the future of technology and social media along with the “new agency” model that Minneapolis has involving.

He also works closely with CoCo in Minneapolis and mostly the St Paul location. That was very interesting to me. I didn’t know much other than CoCo was hosting an event that had came to me through social media for next week, and I want to attend it badly! I didn’t realize it was entire company that was made-up of talented people renting space to work in and the meaning behind it.

Garrio told me how he respected how much of a leader I was in our network along with how I act at our Ad Fed meetings. #Verycool. The first thing he asked me was, “How old are you then?”

We only brushed the surface of things to talk about.

Really enjoyed the quick-lunch. Garrio has the drive and courage to try new things, be honest with people and also learn and take chances. Glad he is my friend too.

Cheers to that! (Next time a cold beer, this time was only a water and lemonade)

mn design gal