Drive Thru (No Big Mac here)

Thursday, October 6 was the first event that Ad2 hosted. It was at Drive Thru Productions right downtown with a 8th floor patio.

I went to college with Heather who is their new business and artist rep. She had been telling me to come by and check out the space and showed interest in hosting an event. We made it happen!

Not only did Ad2 volunteers hand-patty the mini-burgers but we even grilled the entire night. It was a hands-on event including the Drive-Thru artists that opened their doors to us to show off some of their work and answer our questions.

Taking a chance on an October night to be 80 degrees, no bugs and a perfect sky-line to enjoy!

Last night, I hosted the October Ad2 Board meeting at my agency. We got to recap the Drive Thru event and plan more for the year. Brain-storming to make the rest of the 2011-2012 events finalized along with the Student Ad Summit and introducing the Brand Lab as our Public Service contribution. Lots of things moving! This is the first year I can actually say that I’m genuinely proud to have rallied this team together. Not only are we diverse in our careers and roles but really are hard-working people. Glad I am not alone.

Proud President today,

MN design gal