Google+ Hangout Experience

Who is ready to hang-out? Google took a very common phrase and turned it into their “Skype” feature on googe+.

Last night Cory Vandenberghe and I google+ hung out (past tense version of the hangout) with a dozen Winona State University students. They approached us to come down to their University and Cory and I thought trying out this new chat feature would be a super alternative.

My orange wall in my home office.

The first problem we ran into was a terrible echo. When having groups hangout, make sure they can’t hear each other and are not in the same room. One group quickly had to run to the hallway and hang from there.

I liked the chat feature on the left. It was kind of neat to be able to be face to face and also “save” a few remarks or be able to summarize. The noise after sending was a bit rude though.

The rotating screen was slightly distracting and I tried to click on the group or person that was talking to have it on the main screen.

Cory @Snapsocial. {Pretty boring office chairs and ouch those cream walls?}

We chatted for almost an hour and I got to answer some Ad Fed questions along with talk about the SHOW and also up-and-coming Ad2 events. (November 3 be there!)

The students also asked about interviewing and internships. Cory and I both got to give some candid advice.

Overall I give the google+ hangout a 8 out of 10. I think Skype sound is better, but it could have been our set-up too. The extras made it work well and it was fun! Also note only 10 people can hang-out at once.

Glad we got to hang-out together! And yes it beat the 1.5 hour drive down to Winona.

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Educating the youth, one google+ hangout at a time,
Your Ad2 Minneapolis President

ps. How many times did I mention google+ and hangouts? I hope this gets some SEO traction.