Pin that.

Ok, I’ll admit it my new addiction is Pinterest! Fun, easy way to organize your thoughts and random LIKES. Please don’t judge.

Today I used it for some quick lunch shopping. Got to explore fashion picks and trends that designers had posted before heading to the store. Then I organized them into BOARDS “Things that I had that need to use them like”, or “NEED to buy”.

Yes, you are seeing some wedding favorites in the mix, it is purely because what little girl isn’t programmed to dream of her wedding? Might as well be prepared.
Who lead me to Pinterest? My aunt Kara and girlfriends kept sending me requests to join.

Pinterest also have an iPhone App. Guess what I’m downloading tonight?

Today’s lunch shopping trip led me to Forever21 and I spent $140 on 7 very trendy pieces to spice up my closet! Thanks Pinterest!

Happy Pinning!

mn design gal