Trick or Treat… Divorce Papers

Yes, the rumor is true, Kim Kardashian and Mr. Kris Humphries were spotted in Uptown Saturday night. Then yes, Kim has filed for a divorce today, October 31st to this Minnesota native basketball player.
This Halloween couple costume idea was thought up 2 months ago when the big news came out that they were engaged then marring so fast! The news of the divorce comes out now today! #sohollywood

 The costume came together, while my Mom found the dress I had worn to Homecoming in High School, and the leopard cover-up was in the dress-up drawer. Yes, the magic booty was also padding and for sure had to become a bit more busty. Topped off with a black wig and edgy sunglasses and I became Kim! Notice Kris played basketball in Hopkins, so he got off easy with a printed jersey, popped collar and tie, shades and a big smile.

Of course, hearing the news Monday morning about Kim filing for divorce really sadden us Keep Up with the Kardashian fans.
Steve and I had to put on a love show Saturday night. Halloween today, text messages from friends and laughs about us not telling them our news and that they heard it from

Who to be next year? Hopefully won’t be bad karma for them!

Our pre-party before heading out! My friends are a bit crazy too! So much fun!

Kris will miss this Kardashian booty,

Kim K
Tricia S

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