Peter Tells Us

I have been meaning to post this. Snapped a picture of this quote at a card shop. (Don’t you love those simple cards that say it all.)

Today, the President at my current company sent me a nice note about the listen of writing to clients and keeping yourself professional yet having them think and feel as if they are the only client you work with always. A lot of my vendors, co-workers and even clients ARE my friends and have known for years. Tricky? Sometimes. But True? Always. Must make myself proud by being the best account manager that I can possibly be.

I printed the saying out, because even on the toughest days at work you have to remember no matter what your title is you are always client facing and to “Make Yourself Proud”.
Even on the: Most boring. The Busiest. The Most Annoying. Dumbest. Best. Most Productive. Days.

Listen to what Peter W. Smith shared with us all today.

“she’s a thinker” I can hear my dad saying,
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