The SHOW must go on.

Friday, 11/11/11 marked my 4th THE SHOW that I have attended since being part of the Minneapolis marketing and advertising community.

District 8 and I from the Ad Fed Executive Board

This year it was held at the famous downtown EPIC, where most of us never go to dance on Friday nights but tend to network there (because the venue seems to love non-profit events over the last years). There is plenty of space, 6 bars, restrooms and a DJ can play with the over-looking VIP balconies that people can escape to.

The theme this year really got my attention “The SHOW Hunt”. The design was created by Infinity Direct, where they really pushed the design, which I respect. Full of humor and even used some “famous” ad agency friends. The theme may have been entertaining but did it cheapen the SHOW’s purpose, which is to honor the talented design and advertising in the MSP community?

I appreciated that The SHOW, used the theme for entertainment value as a guest too, including one of the sponsors having the fireplace hunting theme! Photos were taken of guests with hunting props pushed to facebook. It got CPC Intersect to gain the satisfaction of more facebook fans, but the actual printed picture would have been classic and more enjoyable. They should have hooked-up with a printer sponsor and made that happen. It may have costed a few more trees to come down, but the marketing value would have been worth it. (on my refrigerator for 5 years) #justsaying

Of course, being Ad2 President this year again, I had to step-it-up with some sort of entertainment value for this once a year event. So Ad2 partnered up with our unforgettable sponsor Horizontal Integration where the idea of renting a small bar-inspired shooting game ended up with a huge big screen equipped with a shot-gun and pistol hunting experience. Marketing director Jacqueline, even had her representatives sport hunting gear and neon orange hats and vests. #waycool

Jacqueline and I... did I mention Beef Jerky?

Not only, did the second floor turn into the Ad2 / HI Hunting Cave, but that was a rush to see it come to life! Now the organization, is starting a tradition that Ad2 must have some sort of presence at this 1000 + guest event.

The food was by CRAVE (not sponsored but catered), where I of course was expecting sushi to enjoy, but after asking a few catering ladies, my hopes were shot-down.

There was no speaker. No presenter. No announcement. To be honest, I missed that from past years. (Not the 1st Ave, 2 hour one that played all night).

BEST IN SHOW could have been announced, because half of the people kept asking me and I had no idea when or who… Still dont’ know?

won best in show.

Did I plan that having the March event there for Ad2? Gosh I’m good.

I thought a 11:11 count-down would have been an unforgettable touch… but clearly it was forgotten because very quickly midnight approached and this gal had to head home to bed!

The next day at 6AM I had a 4 hour drive to the National Mid-Year Ad2 Retreat where my entire Ad2 board members were going to represent the Minneapolis Ad group.

The SHOW. Sad to see Conor Callahan via @CLreps graduating from our Ad Fed / Ad2 board and executive director of the planning of the SHOW, but the planning crown will have to be handed-down to someone else. Who will that be? Can you really out-do this year? An event including huge white ceramic moose heads over looking the design work (that by the way got distorted and cost our nonprofit organization over $1,000 #nice who did that).

Excited to see the path the organization goes and frankly annual event The SHOW.

Overall give this year’s show 8/10.
Having a 5-minute Best in Show and People’s Choice shout-out would have made the night come to life. The work looked fabulous, the food was every-flowing even though I missed the dessert bar. Drink special was nice for the kids even though I stuck to beer and best of the all that Ad2 hunting cave and the PEOPLE made the night great!

Happy Hunting!
Your MN Design Gal

One thought on “The SHOW must go on.

  1. Great recap Tricia! This was my first Show and it was really great.

    I think the venue was great. Epic does seem to be the place for events. I loved the sponsors stepping up to do something really creative. Afterall, the audience is generally creative folk, let’s spice it up a bit, right?! I LOVED the Buck Hunter! Huge props to Ad2, HI and YOU for that! Lacey, Cory and I had a blast playing that! The food was great. Really, really great! I liked the signature drink, too!

    I agree that there could have been some kind of presentation or at least acknowledgement for Best of Show! I found out on Twitter the next morning that MONO won. Congrats, MONO!

    I am already excited for next year’s event. I wonder what the theme will be? Stay tuned, right?

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