Power Lunch

I had the opportunity to tag along for lunch at Campbell Mithun last week. Four raffle winners from the Ad2 hosted event in November [Past Post] won an incredible lunch with disciplines from this leading advertising agency.
Talk about a real Power Lunch having the pleasure to meet with Rachael Marret President and Director of Integrated Client Services, Dick Hurrelbrink President of Compass Point Media, Heath Rudduck the Chief Creative Officer and Steve Wehrenberg the Chief Executive Officer since 2006. With this incredible talent you would think we would have been awkwardly eating our lunch wraps quietly and letting the Presidents lead conversation about war, global studies of advertising and how much they miss type-setting. But the atmosphere was real-discussions on football, outgoing-what they got cooking for the Holidays and very candid and personal-advise on job searching and career paths!

Meeting Steve for the first time, I had done some research on his most recent speaking engagement at Augsburg College and we talked a bit about work/life balance which he takes pride-in. Campbell MIthun has a 70% women working environment and he ensured me that he respects Moms and Father-the-Dads as well. I was interested to learn Steve grew up in Wisconsin and lived there when the Packers went to the Superbowl two years in a row, as did I. But he did say “Go Vikes”.
Rachael, Heath and I got to talk a bit about the Holidays, past work and how much Heath loves working on car advertising. Watch-out CM needs another car client and will for sure do some superhuman advertising!

Rachael and I got to talk about women in advertising and she shared with me some advice about succeeding throughout my career and remembering that one will not receive if one does not ask for something.

Enjoyed learning from Dick the history of Compass Point Media, his background and how he surrounds himself with incredible talent to keep up with the every changing skills of buying media. It isn’t just “Male or Female: repeat“.

The four raffle winners turned out to be 3 energetic U of M students, and a seasoned freelance designer. The power lunch was just what we needed to not only remind us that Campbell MIthun is one of the best agencies but truly their principles are inspiring to learn from first-hand.

Sara Chars, Jaclyn Lien, Tony Rappa, Kevin O'Callaghan your Ad2 raffle event winners.

A few photo-ops before leaving our inspiring lunch break!

Thanks again to Campbell Mithun and Debbie Fischer for the idea of not just handing out over-sized XXL agency-branded T-shirts but putting thought into something different and having us raffle this incredible and true power lunch.
Who’s hungry?

your mn design gal

Most agencies are lucky to have one poinsettia in the lobby this Holiday season. Campbell Mithun has a few… so pretty! They do it right. Merry Christmas!