New Year

As the year comes to an end, I was caught off guard today hearing this amazing tune by Ryan Farish, Anthem of Hope.

This song made me stop in my tracks after reading the title and makes me think about the year in rewind: seeing my brother graduate basic training in the USAF to become a loadmaster, my mom getting a full-time job after being stay-home mom for 25 years, my dad expanding his vending machine business, my sister traveling and living in Spain for 6 months and everything in between.

2011, I started two new job adventures, learned a lot about myself and have expanded much of my nonprofit work reflecting on my own values of time and also money-making sure my freelance business keeps succeeding.

I wish everyone a little bit of Hope. Hope for that new job. Hope for paying off your bills in 2012. Hope to finding and living within some kind of true love. Hope for healing the sick. Hope for being happy and content in 2012.

your mn design gal

My Mom and I cheering to 2012!