Closet & La Casa

My third installment of Closet & La Casa is with Allie Eide whom I met over a year ago at an Ad 2 event. She was quick-witted, forward and down-to-earth while being eager to learn. She wanted to get involved and soon after I had her shadowing me with programs and placed her in a new board position within the Ad 2 board. Her project management skills are useful to me being President because there is just so much information I can keep on my own. She keeps me level-headed and takes the stress of thinking too much about planning and just takes charge with the volunteers.

Allie’s style is shown through her fabulous scarfs and bold statement necklaces. Very rarely will I see a piece she has worn twice! Her stylish pieces become her decoration in her room.

Currently, Allie is finishing an internship with Clarity Coverdale Fury where she next hopes to hop into a permanent role at a corporate, agency or marketing firm as a project manager, assistant account executive or possibly a position she can use her talents while being in a fast-passed working environment in Minneapolis.

Not only have I had the pleasure to work with Allie this year through the nonprofit work but also she has become a great friend of mine. Tweet her @amaree33!

Cheers to this blue eye beauty and hire her, she won’t be on the market for long!

Allie and I at Fast Horse this summer. Networking of course!

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