My mum’s mum

My mom’s mom Joan was diagnosed with colon cancer the week before Christmas. Last week this born-in-England grandmother of mine went through the surgery to remove the cancer within her colon. Today we learn more about the diagnosed stage of what was removed.

Not only did this fall within the coldest winter months of Minnesota, but my mom’s birthday was the day after her surgery. After learning that Nanny Joan would be in ICU for days, now possible weeks, after I went to the hospital to not only be with my mom and grandmother but to support and give some positive energy on my mother’s birthday.

My Mom Candee, Yes I made her a Birthday Sash to wear. She's by Nanny Joan's flowers in her hospital room.

That afternoon being able to chat with Nanny and have her play with the tele-remote complaining about how ugly the dress was on the Twin Cities Live host, and how yummy the food looked that Rachael Ray was making, made us all laugh. Nanny got to have one watermelon hard candy that I brought to her and her tiny little hands trembled while we chatted a bit alone.

The hardest part is knowing how my mom feels about her mom. The reality of it is, Nanny Joan is the smallest little English lady and she is a firecracker and is one strong person to deal with everything she has over the 76 years of her life.

In November in the wood room, My Mom, Nanny Joan and Troy my brother who's in the USAF

Positive energy and prayers always.

Strength for my mom to be there alongside her mum.

Thanks for listening, for this is my first real-life experience blog– I hope it is the very last that–will ever involve that damn word cancer.

a granddaughter,
mn design gal