Can’t we all shop nice?

The customer is what drives sales. The sales reflect the budget for the advertising campaigns. The advertising campaigns influence the consumer.

According to the Chicago Tribune, Macy’s sues Martha Stewart Living for J.C. Penney is trying to refocus their products and audience. Have you seen J.C. Penny’s new branding? jcp alone is a big step for this shopping brand that is trying to break the grandma and cheap-stay-at-home mom of 7 stereotype. Notice the jcpenney facebook page. Everything is lowercase and notice the actual URL is just jcp rather than the brand spelled out or the J.C. Penney like this corporate public trading company is.

With the shuffle of the leading creative teams and CEO’s from Target to jcpenney you WILL see even more change in the advertising and branding. Is this Martha Stewart Living lawsuit just one of the many first steps Macy’s is trying to protect their celebrity-driven brand? Notice Macy’s facebook page that features Clinton Kelly (Celebrity fashion consultant) and they also will NOT let you not be part of their Macy’s Million Dollar Makeover propping this alert, twice to me until I agree.

I notice retail because of course, I’m a woman, but also with branding and design it is always changing in front of us that many customers are aware of. I find myself noticing the shopping bags, advertisements and of course the social tactics each brand goes to. Commercials with SHAZAM that gets you to listen to their music, or with lovable celebrities like Jessica Simpson that makes you want to be their them and wear their line and shop and experience.

The poor Kardashians got SEARS to buy their line. Not only do I feel it was over-priced for their demographic and store experience, but I hadn’t been in a SEARS since 1992 and that was because my dad was buying a refrigerator. On the SEAR’S website they have the Facebook icon that props the share button. Why would I want to share this? I would hope I would want to lead my user to their facebook page or the SEARS (why do I keep writing SEARS in all caps?). They are loosing out on getting their page visitors somewhere else to track their interests.
Lets face it, retail isn’t going away, but the stores could. What department store will go away first? SEARS who started in 1886, jcp 1902, Macy’s 1929, Herberger’s 1927?

Only time will tell. Until then, play nice and keep the look-out for even more re-branding and well, lawsuits.

Which stores were originated in Minnesota?
Herberger’s and SEARS. Maybe I will go back and try that Kardardasian Kollection.

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Halloween I dressed-up as Kim Kardashian.