Back to Reality

Some of you may have known but I was on the beach in the Dominican Republic a week ago. My tan is fading quickly and I’m still catching-up with work, but thought I can now give my quick report about my 7-day adventure in the Caribbean.

The water. What can I say but the pictures can’t show you how this green, blue, crystal water made me smile. The beach was the reason to be on this island with my travel partner/boyfriend Steve.
We stayed at Bravo Princess, which we had a suite that included a jacuzzi tub (yes I used it more than once), mini-bar, remodeled interior with double sinks and easy 1-minute walk to the sandy beach.

The main adventure that Steve insisted we do on day 3 was a full day trip zip-lining. Now, I’m not scared of heights and frankly I’m down for any thing but this was a true test of “amazing race skills”. The zip-line course just keep getting longer and higher! Needless to say, I couldn’t reach the end to the two longest ones and had to be rescued on one by a Dominican that I tipped 2 dollars when got on the safe platform! It wasn’t fair though because I wasn’t trying to, unforgettably if your smaller the velocity doesn’t carry you the whole distance needed.

No regrets. But next time, maybe they should warn the light-ones or have some weights for us? Double-Zip-Lining that would be a fun one! My sore crotch and, I swear bruised rib, was my souvenir.

Getting back to the beach, I found that the Punta Cana side where we stayed was quite windy. But it was 80 degrees every day so I didn’t mind the warm breeze, but it was unlike any beach-side experience I had seen before.

The food at our all-inclusive resort was 7 out of 10. (Steve said 6 out of 10). Traditional American-made food was the hottest picks during the day. I can say though I didn’t have one cheeseburger but many plates of french fries. I was looking for fresh quac and salsa then remembered this isn’t Mexico Tric. The evenings Steve and I enjoyed fresh fish and even a Filet Mignon which was a treat. The last two days I was coming up with Jeremiah Weed inspired cocktail drinks made with the Dominican Vodka and enjoyed their local beer Presidente that was on tap. The tequila tasted like rocks though.

No stolen jewelry. Only the tops of my feet burned on Day 5. No diarrhea. No break-ups. And lots of laughs, sun, fun, Presidente (this is the right spelling) and kisses.

I won’t be back to the Dominican anytime soon, but it truly was the perfect much-needed get-a-way!

You only saw 10 out of the 400 pictures I took. On-line scrapbook will be for sure calling my name.

Safe Traveling!
mn design gal