Be my Valentine? (maybe next year)

Yesterday was of course, Valentine’s Day. You didn’t know? Between all the flower picture uploads on facebook and those mushy tweets it was hard not to notice.
With my Valentine out of town, I thought why not spend Valentine’s Day evening with 30 talented Miami Ad Students! I was asked to present months ago for their Industry Heros Tuesdays.

My presentation was to focus on Ad 2 and networking overall. I opened the presentation with my stats from my 12 PT Fine Print blog which I felt gave them a sense that I am just like them.
What I found is that only half used Linkedin. I tried to stress the importance of messaging people with personal invitations on where you met them.

One point was that creatives make time for coffee. I also gave a personal story of buying a coffee for someone being late for a coffee-meet-up. That someone was Meghan Wilker from Clockwork, a outstanding digital website firm. Geek Girls, actually ended up doing a Podcast shout-out to me on this particular coffee action. The students at Miami Ad chimed in to say that they knew her from speaking to them and Megan had brought up the same tale of the coffee tweet! Megan didn’t name me personally, but it was the exact same story. Love it!

Of course I included some Valentine-inspired humor with cute puppy pictures throughout my presentation. Also I went into my views on the difference between Linkedin, Twitter and Facebook audiences. It always seems to surprise me how people think linking their twitter account directly to Linkedin is a good idea. Be select on what you give your network to read through the Linkedin outlet. It’s one thing if they follow you directly and see it through Tweet. It’s another to be in a professional environment seeing tweets about your recent stops to Sex World, what you ate at your Friday buzz lunch, or how that person at work sits next to you and sings Spice Girl songs.

Educating the students about the many networking groups other than Ad Fed /Ad 2 was important to me. And then being able to take questions directly about Ad 2 and what the Student Ad Summit really is to the 29 out of 30 students that had never attended. Their preconception of the event linked it directly to the U of M, so I made sure they knew it had nothing to do with that school directly purely a location thing.

After the 15-minute presentation, questions started and it ended perfectly with no time to spare for my hour lecture. About half of the students came up to me after to shake my hand and asked for a business card. A handful also mentioned how my presentation and chat should be a class they take at school. They said no one had ever come in and talked about simple stuff as follow-up, how to talk to someone in an networking environment, why stalking someone you want to work could be a bad idea and more.

How many puppies did I show throughout my presentation? Five. And @Airreck was the winner! He later tweeted his puppy picture.

Even though my experience didn’t involve any roses handed out to me or nice glass of vino, I felt a high after leaving the school. I think that it takes a lot of drive to present to the unknown in a volunteer setting.

My true Valentine was out of town but he managed to surprise me with a flower delivery to work, which included a balloon and pretty wild flower bouquet. I few tweets went out to @ShopBachmans on the poor balloon and roses that seemed to be wilting already. Stay tuned for a follow-up blog post on their social media and customer service. (I really don’t mean to complain, I’m very thankful, but I know he spent probably 100 bones.) Bachman’s reply tweet said to email customer service and provided an address. The next day, within 2 hours of my email I had a personal call to my cell phone. They are scheduled to deliver a new set of flowers in 3 days since they were not to satisfaction. They blamed the balloon sadness on a new delivery guy. #greatcustomerservice

364 days until the next V-day guys and gals.

your mn design gal