Glorified Wedding Planner

You know the movie that stars Jennifer Lopez and the hunky Matthew McConaughey, (before the shirtless running on the beach days), she is planning other people’s weddings and has it down to a real science.

I had a coffee with a friend who informed me that I am a very talented planner and that I am marketing myself all wrong. The fact is I have planned over 30 successful well-attended events over the last 4 years. Not only do I have the passion for both the parties to be successful for all but enjoy the overall experience. If the event goes off the hook and they barely remember who planned it, that is OK! Wait- it is really OK?

The agency or local venue and speakers host the event and the guests/members come to enjoy the experience. If they get together and in the end the relationship and/or event/creative or event goes well as planned they have so much fun they want to do it again.

Planning events come so naturally to me:
-Traffic flow of the room
-Where do coats go
-How much food and beverage is there
-What is the lighting like
-Where are the speakers, are they having fun
-Are there any Presidents here, if so are students engaging in conversation with them
-Bathroom location
-Music tone, is there any on
-Cocktail napkins, we need cocktail napkins
I want each party/event/host to feel like their ideas are original and unlike any others that we (meaning the client) have experienced before. I also want them to be put into situations where they can be hands-on with answering questions and engaged with the overall experience.

Going back to the wedding planning perspective, it is something I sincerely would never do for real, but when it comes to my best friends and weddings I have been doing it without even realizing. I truly take the thoughts and experiences of the bride and everyone involved to effect. Making sure they feel the most special they can on their day and that they don’t have to think about the little things (the umbrellas, their make-up, the fact my hair looks like poop, the mother-in-law is glaring at the bride’s cleavage).

In the client’s world, where they need to feel like it’s their wedding day, either at a photo shoot, when coming in to review concepts, at a meeting over lunch and more.

I also feel the wedding planner in general is usually under-appreciative. The women that have them don’t know what it is like without them, and the ones that have never had a planner never know the grand feeling of having one.

Same goes true with great account directors and planners, because some clients have been blessed with the ones that can do no wrong, or have never had one and don’t know the value of having that incredible talent for them. It also shows when a client doesn’t trust their account director, and that isn’t fair either.

I was told by many friends that my mom and I should start a wedding planning business. My mom is very crafty and I have the design gene while the ideas we both have along with the personal skills and drive to accomplish anything. I started a brand called This or That Ideas and Services. Candee has the business card (which she never hands out unless her President of New Business is with) and we also have a facebook page and twitter account that we hold ideas and sometimes my creative energy will appear there.

Thanks to jMatt, that had some random incredible wisdom for me. I not only will be buffering-up my wedding planning book, but he may have given me that inspirational idea. Could I be the next Jennifer Lopez? Or do I need to really look at my planning chops and apply that to my everyday J-O-B?

Only time will tell.

your mn wedding planner (doesn’t have the same ring to it)
My Best Friend’s Wedding, an all-time favorite. Enjoy their version of “I say a little Prayer for you.”