Creative Branding @ #SXSW

How many time have you said to yourself “why didn’t I think of that?

SXSW just finished up this week, which hosted some of the most creative brands, social people and more. Business Insider (which I read weekly) inspired me by their post 10 Creative Startup Promotions at SXSW.

I had to highlight a few of my favorites I saw from friends and colleagues tweets over the weekend.

What: The Owl mobile was out and there were Owl-Sightings all over instagram and Twitter this weekend.
Why: The Owl was a hoot! Did anyone ride inside that though? That is the real question.

American Express
What: Hosted the Amex Sync Show with Jay-Z (#JAYZsyncshow), featuring a live demo of the new Twitter hashtag promotion Amex launched last week that enables card members to save when they tweet customized hashtags for a group of launch partners.
Why: American Express has put its money where its mouth is when cozying up to tech companies. In addition to Twitter, it has entered into significant partnerships with Facebook and Foursquare in the past year.

Real-life example of the #JAYZsyncshow.

What: Kraft is applying the wisdom that the way to the heart is through the stomach by hosting Oreo-branded ice cream socials. Kraft Mobile, an interactive experience, will feature a mac-and-cheese truck, games, Wi-Fi hotspots and charging stations.
Why: Mr. Bough’s SXSW plan is to “connect with developers, entrepreneurs and startups.” And frankly just have some really good hang-over-food. Saw many pictures of the mac and cheese mobile.

Loosing power? Plug-in at people wearing chargers!
FedEx is trying to come back from the boring brand to something that is hip and shows their users that they care and get it. Why not? This was for sure one of my favorite ideas. I had to ask Brittany “Was he hot?”

NikeFuel Lot, which seemed from the many pictures through instagram and on twitter it was just a really cool light display? Not attending the SXSW, I couldn’t tell you what the sound was like or how strong the drinks were.
Why: Nike had to find somewhere they would have their logo in a simplistic way right?

Me Like!

Overall the #SXSW feed was entertaining all weekend, and it made me very jealous of the colleagues that were out there learning and experiencing these brands. Just another reason for me to be with a brand that needs a networker, educator, like me representing them at South By Southwest and taking notes to expand our clients and get their brand in the middle of the action. Maybe not at SXSW but taking that and pushing the envelope at the local conferences and conventions that always need some re-inventing creativity.

Visit to learn more overall on the conference. Three highlights for the conference website for me were:
Start-up Village
(One of my favorite categories that make an entrepreneurial like me smile.)
Interactive Parties (Your invited to all?!)
Also did you see you can make your own conference schedule? Thank you! How many times have you been to a conference and have to circle and mark-up your print-out?

This concludes my #SXSW wrap-up on the creative promotions by some brands that stood out in my mind; along with some things that I look forward to when attend my first interactive conference. I’m actually heading to Austin in June for the National American Advertising Federation conference representing Ad 2 Minneapolis and social media; but I don’t think they will touch the experience from this past week. Or maybe it has to do with Austin, Texas and I can’t wait to find out!

Enjoy Conference-Season,
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