Bad Days Happen for a Reason (Right?)

The first thing on a Monday morning you never imagine hearing “We are sorry, but your going to have to lay-you-off”

It is that feeling of – OK – Thanks – now what?
I find myself feeling a bit strange and awkward like I did something wrong. Not true. It was brought to my attention it wasn’t my fault just a reorganizing business decision.

I have never been “laid-off” before. This term is a bit strange to me. Laid? Like I’m going to be laying in my bed now because I don’t have a job? If you want me off then why am I laying down?

The end of the work day I then find myself in the Dentist’s chair for a routine cleaning. (Of course scheduled before the morning came upon me.)

“How was your day?” the friendly lady smiles at me.

Do I dare say it?

“Well, I was laid-off”- I half-smile back to her.

Her face falls to a pity frown and I get a nice hard tap on the back.  “Have you been flossing?”

An hour later. 1 Cavity is found and I’m on my home.

All I want is a nice glass of wine and to laugh a bit with the roommate, which he informs me to cheer me, he’s grilling outside for us on the nice 65 degree night!

So the grill is on and the hamburger are now patties and all of a sudden a big rain storm drives in and the propane runs out. Yes, all at the same time.

Now, after all this, I felt like Fuel’s Song “Bad Day” should just be playing as I walk away in the rain (possibly with my middle finger up in the air).

I didn’t go outside or get wet and frankly never give the middle finger unless I’m in my car.

Moving forward from the Manic Monday, I find myself in the middle of the very first week that I have never been be not in control with my career decisions involving leaving a job. (Yes, I have left jobs before kids but the rule of thumb is never leave a job unless you have another one lined-up).

I will now move into Sheryl Crow’s wisdom of “Everyday is Winding Road”-

The fact is this next move I will get a little bit closer to where I think I should be in my career and that is apparent.
Not only am I excited to be in stable environment with creative and marketing energy and talent that just makes me want to absorb and learn even more than I do on my own. But I will get even closer to what I should be doing with my talents. Closer to that feeling of success within my colleagues and closer to be able to say how much I love my job and that I’m not only valued but continue to be the Brand Advocate I strive to be.

I had kept a journal with thoughts on parts of my job I enjoy and what I need in my next working environment: {For real not just made-up for this post}
-Be a mentor to others
-Different departments to be surrounded by other than my own
-Challenges to look forward to
-New technology surrounds me
-Drive to succeed / possibly competition
-Goals within the jobs for clients to achieve
…. and more

I also have my cover letter introduce things that my employer should reflect of, as well as things I can bring to the table.
“My future employer will expect me to make ideas a reality, these expectations will motivate me daily. My goal is to be part of a team that can push each other to greater heights of creativity and marketing through digital, social media and the newest technologies.”

With reflecting on that “Bad Day” I guess I can *almost laugh about it now and I have moved on from the empty feeling.

Truly no hard-feelings toward any persons or the company itself. I believe business is business and I have learned things that have made me a better person, co-worker, employer and leader. I also just got a very nice recommendation letter from the President of the company.

Now the real question is–

Who’s brand should I represent now?

TBD your mn design gal

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  1. Tricia! So sorry about the job changes but I have NO doubt that you’ll bounce back so quickly. You are amazing, smart, talented, creative and inspiring. See you soon!

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